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“When I wear my Desire ring, I not only feel beautiful; I’m also reminded of the dreams I have yet to manifest. The ring helps me stay mindful about keeping my thoughts aimed in the direction of my desires. When I wear my Stairway To Heaven necklace, it often slips into my cleavage and I find myself toying with the tassles that lie at the bottom of the staircase, where they tickle between my breasts and remind me (and anyone watching me) that my body is heaven here on earth, that I’m blessed to live in it, and that adorning it with jewelry that makes me feel sexy is my birthright.”~ Lissa Rankin, MD, founder of OwningPink.com


“I love earrings. Long, dangly ones have become my signature. I have a BIG collection but the ones I like to wear most often are the lovely silver and gold Lauren Harkness earrings I bought from her on the beach a year ago. They suit me so well and go with everything. I like to dance free-style several times a week and know that I can fully express myself and look elegantly put together wearing these earrings because I know they’ll stay in my ears. I love the sensual pleasure of feeling the soft glittering against my neck while I dance, on the school run or even on the beach! Thanks, Lauren!” ~ Jacqueline Grace


“Kendra and I perused through Nordstrom over the weekend and nothing compares to your creations!!!  I don’t look at jewelry the same anymore, I just don’t!  I also went into other boutiques and other stores and nothing grabs me like your jewelry.  I wear my bracelet (I call it my “Saturday Everyday” bracelet, I love it!) all the time.  There are some amazing pieces out there in stores, but most of what I looked at seems so manufactured and ordinary…  anyway, I am so excited that you will be making my very own new pieces!  I do know that Kendra is super psyched and can’t wait to get her stuff.  I know she’ll be ordering more too!” ~ Rachel Hanson


“I feel clear, powerful and desirable when I wear Lauren’s luxurious jewelry.  Her craftsmanship is superb, her designs pioneering and her material simply lavish.  She is an innovator, indeed.”  ~ Janelle Leonard, Sound Healer, LMP, Seattle



“Every time I wear my leather-disc earrings by Lauren, I feel like I have an elegant secret. Which I do. They’re amazing and sly, understated but sexy. She’s a genius. Thank you, Lauren!” ~ Jen Graves



“I could go on and on about my positive experiences with Lauren Harkness Jewelry. For those who have met Lauren, seen her jewelry, own her jewelry or know anything about this enchanting and brilliant woman, you know what I mean. If you are visiting her site for the first time, you are in the right place! All of the pieces I’ve purchased from Lauren, and I have a lot, are exquisite. I am constantly getting “your earrings are stunning!” and being asked “where did you get your ring?” She is so professional and fun to work with and she does custom pieces too!! I also like that she is local in Portland and has a shop where I can go and see her collections in person. I can wear her jewelry with anything and I do almost everyday. I highly recommend this artist! You and all of the women in your life will LOVE it and feel so pretty when you are adorned in Lauren Harkness Jewelry!” ~ Kristin B., Portland


 ” My Stairway to Heaven Necklace is the perfect balance of sexy, feminine, and rock-n-roll. It’s tassle like fringes of gold dangle at a most suggestive sexy length. So whether I’m wearing something low cut or more buttoned up, I feel delightfully aware of my beautiful decolletage. The hammered gold and fringes have an organic earthy appeal that makes it perfect for wearing with more edgy looks, but with a delicate sensibility that rocks a “pretty” look just as well.” ~ Kristy S.  



“I wear a piece of Lauren’s handmade jewelry almost each and every day! I have some that are elegant and some that spark interest with a pair of jeans. When I place delicate hoops in my ears or tie the end of the ribbon on a metal looped necklace my outfit begins to feel luscious. I receive compliments from others and instead of saying “thank you” I glow and agree with them that the piece is lovely and I say “I know! Don’t you love it?!” Being humble when wearing something by Lauren is never advised. Jumping with glee is encouraged:)” ~ Piper


“Each piece Lauren creates empowers your sexiness” ~ Brandi